It takes courage to commit to GCSE success – to confront what you don’t know and overcome what’s holding you back. Our Foundation Level and Higher Level course, for year 11 students and those wishing to improve their GCSE grades, runs for 40 sessions and gives you the exact support you need at every stage, so come results day you can bask in your achievement. It doesn’t matter what your predicted grade is, we’ll help you succeed.

Aimed at year 11 students and those wishing to improve their GCSE grades, this 40-session course is for high achievers who need top-up mentoring to get the grade. With support from an inspirational mentor and other ambitious students, you’ll get the boost you need to achieve your goal.


Your mentors are subject specialists (that goes without saying), but they’re chosen because they’re dynamic and engaging. This isn’t like being in school – it’s about having a friendly, motivating environment that facilitates your success.

Each session lasts 1 hour and is broken down into 3 parts according to our TPT approach (it stands for Teach – Practice – Test – you can learn more about it here).

Over the 40-sessions we’ll guide you through years’ worth of past paper questions. You’ll know every way a question can be asked and every shortcut to solving a problem. So when it comes to exam day and beyond, you’ll be able to home in on exactly what a question is asking and give the right answer quickly.

Term Dates

Our 40-session courses commence in September and run until June 2020.

Subjects Offered

We offer courses in Mathematics, Science, English Language, English Literature, History, Economics, and Computer Science.

Our regular homework will help you consolidate what you’ve learnt in class. In addition to this, the pre-exam revision session and a mock examination will help identify what level you’re at and a realistic indication of what grade you will achieve. Our mock exam is a dress rehearsal under exam conditions, to help prepare you for the real thing (read the full terms and conditions).

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