Our Methodology for Achieving Success

The TPT Approach

We’ve developed a methodology and refined it over 10 years of tutoring students and those wishing to improve their grades.

Called the TPT approach (Teach – Practice – Test), it’s proven to help you understand concepts, process information, and improve your performance. This means that you, your parents and mentors know exactly what grade you’re on track to get.

The result: thorough preparation, complete confidence and a happy results day.

How It Works

Weekly sessions are broken down into 3 parts.

In the first part, your mentor goes over the day’s concepts. The teaching period is relaxed and interactive, and it will be tailored based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Then you practice questions, where you solve problems (with your mentor) and discuss the answer.

Each session ends with a small test, which you complete under exam conditions. The questions are all taken from past papers, so you become familiar with every way a question can be asked on a particular topic.

You’ll be able to see each week’s exam results online, so you know exactly what grade you’re on track to receive. This means you can track your progress accurately, and you and your mentor know what you need to work on to keep improving.

By the time you sit the actual exam, you’ll be incredibly confident because you’ll be so familiar with concepts, question formats, test strategies, and exam conditions.

Get in touch to learn more about the TPT approach and how it will help you succeed, whatever your starting ability or predicted grade

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