Parents: How We Help with GCSEs

Get peace of mind during a stressful year

We can guarantee your son or daughter will complain if you nag about GCSE revision.

We can also guarantee we’ll help him or her get the target grade – without anyone enduring a year of tension or uncertainty.

One of the most difficult things for parents during GCSEs is the uncertainty – and we eliminate it

We answer that crucial, niggling question: what grade is my child going to get?

With other exam prep methods you generally have no idea what grade your son or daughter is on track to achieve. You’ll be able to see improvement on particular topics, but you won’t know what that translates to in terms of outcome.

Our courses for year 11 students and those wishing to improve their GCSE grades are structured to give you that transparency, and ensure we’re fully accountable. In fact, we’re so confident in our approach that we guarantee an A or A* for students taking higher GCSEs, and a C grade for those taking our Foundation Level course.

With our TPT approach, each session has a test under exam conditions. Each week’s test results are available online, so you, your child and the mentor can track performance. Because all tests use questions from past papers, you have an accurate indication of what grade your student is getting at any given time.

GT has a proven track record helping students of all abilities succeed

Thanks to our structured programmes, peer support and inspirational mentors, your son or daughter – and you – will be thoroughly prepared and completely confident on exam day.

Learn more about what makes us so successful and what our courses involve.

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