Schools: How We Help with GCSEs

Let’s work in partnership to make a difference in students’ lives

GCSEs are key to students’ future success, whether they have an eye on a local apprenticeship or an Oxbridge place. We support schools in facilitating that success.

We have a 25-year track record helping students succeed in their GCSEs

We view GCSEs as a team effort involving students, parents and family, school and friends. One reason our students do so well is that we make it easy for everyone to work together.

We can collaborate with you in many different ways to support you in achieving excellent results. For example, we will work with senior and middle leaders to develop a dedicated after-school programme to offer GSCE students. We will also collaborate with teachers to help particular students who need extra assistance in a structured environment.

GT students are more confident in the classroom

Our extracurricular GCSE tuition, which follows a proven methodology, complements the syllabus, so students get the most out of your lessons. Our weekly mentoring sessions for year 11 students and those wishing to improve their GCSE grades build on classroom teaching. Students become more confident at school because of the support they receive.

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