We use a proven methodology…

GT is not about cramming because cramming leads to more stress. When you cram you’re overloading your short-term memory with information.

You walk into the exam with your mind buzzing and hoping that whatever you revised most recently is in the paper.

We’ve developed a methodology called the TPT approach (Teach – Practice – Test), and refined it over years tutoring students. It gives you the support and practice you need to naturally remember and understand.

We can’t guarantee your brain won’t hurt at some point. But when you walk into the exam, you’ll have a confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing.

(Learn more about the TPT approach)

…That ensures you’re thoroughly prepared

Over the 40-session course, we’ll guide you through years’ worth of past papers. You’ll know every way a question can be asked and every shortcut to solving a problem. So when it comes to exam day and beyond, you’ll be able to hone in on exactly what a question is asking and give the right answer quickly.

You’ll be inspired by your mentors…

GT mentors are united by a common passion: getting students excited about subjects they find difficult.

Your GT mentor will tailor your learning based on your strengths and weakness. Weekly practice tests mean they constantly refine based on evidence of how you’re performing in exam conditions.

…And motivated by your peers

We provide a nurturing environment where every student is given the space to grow. There’s a lot of pressure associated with exam prep, and often students can feel like they are on their own. We offer both one-to-one and group sessions, and our experience has shown that a combination of the two can help. 

In a group environment, you’re motivated by the feeling that you’re not alone and are influenced by other ways of thinking. The camaraderie diffuses the pressure and provides a safe environment to get things wrong – while improving the result you achieve.

And you’ll always know where you are in your mission to get your target grade

It’s much easier to motivate yourself when you know exactly what you have to do to achieve your goal.

Each week’s test results are available online, so students, parents and mentors can track performance. Because all tests use questions from past papers, you have an accurate indication of what grade you’re on track to achieve at any given time.

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